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Alabama has a lot to offer, and some of the fun things to do in Mobile, Alabama, are the oldest. The annual Spring Hill Festival of the Joe D. and Joe G. Guild of Mobile features a variety of shows and interests.

The annual Spring Hill Festival of the Joe D. and Joe G. Guild of Mobile takes place on the first Saturday in April at the Mobile County Fairgrounds. When the park is finished, head downtown for Mobile's annual Mobile Art & Music Festival.

Explore the Orange Beach Islands of the Gulf Coast at your own pace or find the right facility for you and your family on the coast.

See more Gulf Shores activities and travel tips on how to spend 2 days there, or look at some of the things we did in Mobile and how we traveled to Mobile. Enjoy the fun things we do and enjoy doing in AL, leave a comment with your favorites and let us know!

Hopefully this has inspired you to do some amazing things in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama, and explore some of the other beautiful beaches, rivers and lakes in the Spring Hill region. Show your support for our beautiful beach, river and lake by participating in our annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup!

If you're interested in hiking or biking, be sure to visit the running parks in Mobile, Mobile Bay and Mobile County, Alabama. Take Fido and Scenic 98 to Mullet Point Park, which stretches into Mobile's Bay, and admire the 1448-foot pier lined with fishermen and pelicans. This is a great opportunity to experience a beautiful sunset.

If you like the Gulf Coast of Alabama, you should visit Fairhope, a small town in Mobile County, Alabama with a population of about 1,000. If you're looking for the mix, you should definitely visit here, but it has a completely different atmosphere from the Gulf coast. And if you want to be closer to the beach, look no further than the best Western Beach.

We really enjoyed our time at Alligator Alley and would highly recommend it to anyone in the area. Fort Morgan is our favorite Gulf Shores museum and is a great place to take the kids out for dinner and some great unique things. There is an XBox Sports Simulator Arcade, and it is a great place for children and adults, as well as some great family fun.

More than 1,400 students attend Spring Hill College each year, more than 70% of whom are from Alabama. Theological programs are offered at the College of Southern Alabama, the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Alabama State University. It is operated by the Conde Charlotte Museum and is owned by the museum and shows the history of Mobile under five separate flags.

The northern part of the city is lined with industrial areas, while the most sought-after residential areas are in the north and northwest, including College Park and Country Club. Neighbors in Mobile's Spring Hill neighborhood are high-income and middle-income, making it the second-wealthiest neighborhood in Mobile. The most common language spoken in the Spring Hill neighborhoods is English, which is spoken by 96.4% of households. The inhabitants identified their ethnicity or descent as English with 11%, Spanish with 9% and French with 4%.

The two largest stores are the Florida Street antique store at the former Gardberg site and the Atchison Homehouse, where European antiques are displayed on several floors.

I know I have already spoken of a beach holiday, but if you are at the Gulf, it is worth going to the farm and having a picnic and riding the horses. They have over 50 horses suitable for people of all ages and levels. I also recommend a ride to enjoy the peace and beauty and to go on a horseback ride. It will take you on a nice ride around the estate, and I know you know that because I #

The exhibition really shows the comfortable life in the South during the Civil War and the cotton boom in the area. On future trips, I hope to explore some of the following attractions in Mobile, Alabama, and discover more. Try the Exploreum at the Mobile Museum of Natural History or the Alabama State Museum in Mobile for more information.

The house where Hank Aaron grew up was moved from its original location to downtown Mobile in 1819. It is now surrounded by the Mobile Museum of Natural History, the Alabama State Museum and Mobile City Hall.

There are so many great things to do along the Gulf Coast And it's a great relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Stay a week and you'll have a jam-packed fun time in the heart of Spring Hill, Alabama with a variety of activities and events.

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More About Spring Hill